Ozonizer OZONEBOX mod. 20G


Portable Ozonizer OZONEBOX mod. 20G

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Ozone (O3) is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. It has a deep bactericidal, virucidal, sporicide, and anti-dust mite action. Ozonebox it's a very cost-effective solution for the deep sanitization of your environments.

OZONEBOX is an ideal solution for the deep sanitization of every environment. Due to the Ozone action, it allows us to reach even the most difficult spots.
OZONEBOX can be used in every environment in which deep sanitization is fundamental:

  • Houses, offices, and working environments
  • Traditional and self-service laundry rooms
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Gyms
  • Cars
  • Campers and caravans
  • Boats

Tecnical Sheet Mod. 20 Digital 
Ozone Efficency: 20000 mg/h
Efficency: 170 m³/h
UV Lamp: 118mm, 4W, 254nm
Power: 205 W
Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz ~ 120/60Hz

Weight 4,1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 29,5 cm
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